Suited and Booted Pt. 2 – Quirky

July 19, 2015

Optimized-GREEN SUITFor as long as I can remember, green has been my favourite colour. The 10 year old Cherise was very aware of the fact she was the only girl she knew who wasn’t obsessed with pink or purple. But lets not get started on the overly feminine gender roles that are pushed on young girls while they are trying to gain an understanding of the world and themselves … if I start on that, I won’t be able to stop typing !

As mentioned in a previous post, from time to time dresses bore me. So here is another alternative that I like to rock when I am required to look a bit more ‘put together’. 

And yes, the glasses are prescription. Without my contacts, the world is but a blurry mix of confused colours !

Optimized-Green Suit 33

These guys were working across the street from the shoot and wanted to take a snap ! Haha. The smouldering pout on that doorman’s face … definitely model material ! #WhenInKnightsbridge

Optimized-GREEN SUIT .22

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