A Delicate Soul

July 26, 2015

I wore this outfit for a ‘cheerful chill with my chums’ (see previous blogpost).

My, my, my is this dress high maintenance ! 

1. It’s white … and I live in London, which is full of dirt and grime. It gets stained up quickly.

2. The material is thin and delicate. No machine washing with this bad boy. 

But, isn’t it a completely stunning piece?! Its perfect for summer because it’s so loose and breathable. And because it’s white, it goes with everything ! It’s unbelievably easy to style. I suppose everything that we love has it’s imperfections. We just need to decide whether it’s worth putting in the effort.

And this dress is ! 🙂 

Dress |ZARA 

Sunglasses | DEPOP (shopping app)

Pump Shoes | ASOS

Lipstick | CHARLOTTE TILBURY in the Shade ‘Love Liberty’


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