Sophisticated Lady

August 9, 2015

Optimized-Sophisticated Lady

This post is inspired by the ballad ‘Sophisticated Lady’ composed by Duke Ellington in 1932 with lyrics written by Mitchell Parish

This ballad reminds me that we all have a story.  (as cringe worthy as it sounds … :P)

In the best dramatic TV shows and Movies, aren’t the villainous characters so amazingly complex ? We get to see and understand how they justify their actions.

As I begin to empathise which them, I am reminded that human nature is anything but black and white. And to make assumptions about someones experiences based on a single interaction, though easily done, can cause major misjudgements of their character.

The lyrics of ‘Sophisticated Lady’ remind me off this saying:

‘To assume is to make an ass out of you and me’. 

Sarah sings this song like no other … beyond beautiful. Check it out ! 🙂




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