Expression – Part 3. Shoreditch Heights

September 27, 2015

Photography/Shot by @AmyBarton



Inspired by ‘I am not my hair’ by India Arie feat. Akon, November 2005

India Arie is a singer-songwriter of the R&B, soul genre. She is known and appreciated for spreading positive and honest messages through her music. 

She released her debut album in 2001. It included hits such as Video, Brown Skin, Ready for love and one of my favourites, Promises. 

If you want to hear uplifting, well written, positive music (that’s free from any cursing), India is your Woman. I recommend that you check her out if you haven’t already. 

Another of tunes that I adore is ‘I am not my hair’, from her third studio album ‘Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship’. Read why below.



I love those lyrics !

‘I am not your expectations !’

Wwwwwooo ! Hahaha !!

Anyone with specific and strong options about what you do with your life is wasting a lot of time and energy. (It’s quite funny when you think about it … ) 

When it comes to expressing creativity through your appearance, India Aria sums up by opinion perfectly. Be it hair, clothes, tattoos or otherwise ! 

Listen to ‘I am not my hair’ down below 


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