Summers Last Kiss

October 2, 2016

Photography by Aisha Pegley



Location: Covent Garden


What I learned on my break from blogging

Hello ! Welcome ! I hope that all is swell in your life at the moment. And thanks for stopping by to checking my little ol’ blog 😉 So, I thought I would take a moment to let you know why I took a break from blogging and what my intensions for this platform are going forward.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to take a little time to reflect on the content that I was creating. At the time, I was extremely proud of the platform that I had built. I was so grateful for the support and love that I had received from people in my community. And the majority of those who talked to me about ‘CorynaCoryna’ were positive or gave me their constructive criticism in a respectful way. (Thank you :D)

However, now and then I would meet the opinions of those who felt negatively about Fashion and the Fashion Industry. They would speak to me of their distain for the quick trends, the vanity and the elitism that is present in the Fashion Industry as though I represented it and supported it. I felt a bit stereo typed.

I kept thinking, ‘Aren’t these things present across the majority of the industries that engage heavily with the media?’ …

For example; Music. When thinking of a Musician I would find it close minded to assume that they only engage with the trendy tracks in the top 40. That their desire to share their art is just attention seeking instead of a way of connecting with others and expressing themselves.

Not all Musicians value the same things. Not all bloggers value the same things. Not all creative individuals value the same things. And I realised that it was silly for me to seek validation from those who have such a one dimensional view of those who enjoy Fashion and Personal Style anyway. People with these interests are multifaceted individual.

I enjoy many forms of creativity and this is one of them. And although I’m going to shamelessly continue to have fun with it, I’m also going to branch out a bit and share some of my other interests …#StandBy 😉

Thank you again for the support and for visiting ‘CorynaCoryna’. 




2 responses to “Summers Last Kiss”

  1. Cara says:

    You don’t represent the vanity and other negativity that comes within fashion. People will view your blog and love your fashion because YOU will inspire them and you’ll stay true to yourself✨ I love all your posts, and can’t wait to see more 💕 Xx

    • Admin says:

      Wow, your message came at the right time. Your support means so much to me. Seriously, thank you Cara ! If you’re in London soon, lets meet up <3 Xxx

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