Autumn leaves of Red and Gold

October 22, 2016

Photography by Aisha Pegley


Hi Folks ! Hope all is well 🙂

Incase you haven’t noticed from the ascetic of this platform, I love love love love LOVE autumn and autumnal shades. Greens, warm browns, beiges = yyaaasssss. Hhaha. This is the first in a series of outfits that I have styled with inspiration from this season. 

There are many musicians who have composed beautiful songs about this time of year. And I think this is a fab oppurtunity to share some of my favourites. Lets starts with the tune that is a part of any Jazz Musicians bread and butter (hopefully…). ‘Autumn Leaves’. This was one of the first Jazz Standards that I learned with developing my repertoire. I had studied it and sang it for so long that I grew tired of it. But then I found the original French version and my fondness for the tune returned. 


Les Feuilles Mortes – (the dying leaves)
C’est une chanson qui nous ressemble.
Toi, tu m’aimais et je t’aimais
Et nous vivions tous les deux ensemble,
Toi qui m’aimais, moi qui t’aimais.
Mais la vie sépare ceux qui s’aiment,
Tout doucement, sans faire de bruit
Et la mer efface sur le sable
les pas des amants désunis.
This song is like us.
You used to love me and I used to love you
And we used to live together,
You loving me, me loving you.
But life separates lovers,
Pretty slowly, noiselessly,
And the sea erases on the sand
The separated lovers’ footprints.

The music was written in 1945 by Hungarian-French composer Joseph Kosma and lyrics by poet Jacques Prévert. 

The American songwriter Johnny Mercer wrote English lyrics in 1947. 

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold
Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall



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