Fresh Start w/ Joe Hart

June 1, 2019

It very much feels like a new chapter is opening right now. Personally and Career wise. I’ve spent the last 8 years studying my craft and refining my ability to tell stories through music. And I’ve gotten to the point where the primary focus is shifting a bit from learning to creating and sharing. And this is fricking scary! haha! But I’m gonna role with it.

So, for a fresh new chapter I thought it was worth getting some fresh new shots done. And I couldn’t think of anyone better to capture the moment than the incredibly skilled Photographer, Joe Hart. I had the privilege of working with him in the 2018 EFG London Jazz Festival. He captured the vibe of my showcase at the Elgar Room so beautifully. Here are some of our favourite pics from our shot. My my, its he a talented fellow!

I’m a bit particular when it comes to colours. I talk about them ALOT… I think its slowly driving my housemates mad. Up until this year I hated blue with a passion. Like… seriously, I wouldn’t wear it, felt hesitant to even date anyone whose favourite colour was blue, I made sure there was none of it in my bedroom. I also didn’t care much for purple or pink; basically anything cool toned. (I know right? wacky but true indeed). My favourite colour is green. And this is why almost every outfit post on CorynaCoryna thus far has been centered around earthy colours. Go and have a look, I’m not making this shit up.

BUT NOW MY FRIENDS, CHANGE HAS COME. *insert dramatic music here* I realised that purple is amazing with green. And my mind was fricking blown. (Yes it was that serious for me, judge if you must). Violet, lilac, periwinkle… oh me oh my. And blue is so lovely with pale purple shades. ! Flash! Bam! Alacazam! I’m a changed woman. Oh yes….

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