What is ‘Coryna Coryna’ ?

Hello, my name is Cherise Adams-Burnett and welcome to my blog! 

This blog is a platform I use to document and share my creative interests and experiences. The most fundamental of these interests is Music. I have been studying Music, in one capacity or another, since the age of 7. And now I’m a professional Vocalist!

Another of my creative interests is personal style. I have always loved to experiment with my image through clothing and cosmetics. I find it extremely empowering and fun to know that I have so much control over the way that I am perceived by others and the way that I perceive myself. I have found that personal growth is often reflected through the way we dress. I definitely know that I have changed a lot over the last few years and my style has continuously reflected that.


Last of all, you might be wondering why I chose to call my blog ‘Coryna Coryna’. Well, Coryna is my middle name; Cherise Coryna Adams-Burnett. It’s as simple as that ! I was inspired to state the name twice by the song ‘Corrine Corrina’. Below is my favourite version of this song, performed by the iconic Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, the amazing Blues musician Taj Mahal, Blues and Rock guitarist Eric Clapton and the Jazz at Lincoln Centra Orchestra. They can do no wrong … !