Expression – Part 2. Reflected in the Canvas

September 20, 2015



Inspired by ‘Lets Groove’ by Earth, Wind and Fire, from the 1981 Album ‘Raise!’

Expression and creativity require continuous self-reflection. And to be honest, I find it quite exhausting at times. Don’t you ? 

At times when I think that my brain is going to explode, I follow some advice that my Mother gave me … I turn on ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’, where the biggest grin possible and DANCE !!! (alone in my room :P)

Earth, Wind and Fire are as groovy as it gets, so I styled an outfit that fits; an updated funky and loud look.

As long as I’m working hard and feel fulfilled by my achievements … there’s nothing left to do but enjoy each day and BOOGIE ON DOWN !!! haha

Have a listen to ‘Lets Groove’ down below (The music video is pritty epic)



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