Saturday, December 19th, 2015

On a Cozy ‘CBA’ Day


You know those days when you just CBA ? … (Can’t Be Asked/Assed)

Well, on those days, I prioritise one thing and one thing only: Quick comfort.

When I don’t really like spending too much time getting ready, I find easier ways to look somewhat put together. Some examples:

  • Minimal makeup with a winged liner and a bold lip (to make it seem like effort has been put it !) 
  • Black and white pieces go well together, so I chose a few and through in my favourite colour for good measure. GREEN ALL THE WAY BABY !! haha
  • Contact lenses ? No way. Glasses please :)
  • You will never see me wearing a pair of high heels. My limit is 3 inches. I see no point in limping around a social gathering in stilts. And in this case, I wore my comfy go-to trainers – My converses


Almost all of the pieces in this look were purchased in charity shops or on the mobile app ‘DEPOP’ ssssoooo no there is no tracing to be done !


Isn’t this street art amazing ?! #JustAnotherDayInShoreditch


When you’ve just finished ‘jjzjzjzjzujzzjing your hair before a photo is taken ! … 


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